Fontana Resources at Work




Fontana Resources at Work is committed to maintaining a stable environment wherein people with disabilities are provided with those services and supports that enable them to overcome barriers to employment and empower them to maximize their employment potential.

OBJECTIVE:  Train and assist participants to progress toward a competitive vocational status, efficiently utilizing work experience in a community-based setting.


1A.       Ensure that no unsafe conditions or practices are permitted in work area.  *

2A.       Corrects any unsafe conditions in work domain and reports immediately, any unsafe conditions to the immediate supervisor, which you do not have the authority to change.  *

3A.       Organize and direct the daily work activities in area of assignment which meets the specific requirements of the written agreement between the company and contractor. *

4A.      Interprets and applies applicable policies, rules, procedures and accreditation standards to all program activities.  *



1R.       Supervises and evaluates participant’ specific duties, interests, aptitudes and provides training in all responsibilities/tasks of the participant’s job description.

2R.       Maintain a day-to-day plan for accomplishing all assignments required to sustain contract or work site.

3R.       Responsible for completing participant time studies on 6-month basis. **

4R.       Responsible for notifying immediate supervisor of the need for material, supplies, needed for the work site.

5R.       Responsible for maintaining tools and equipment in good repair, while assuring that supplies and other perishables are used appropriately, and without waste, whether they be those of the facility, or the contractor.  Reports any necessary repairs and/or maintenance problems of company-owned equipment or vehicle that he/she cannot correct, to the immediate supervisor. *

6R.       Instructs participants as to proper work methods and techniques through verbal instructions, shadowing, hand-over-hand demonstration, and other methods of training. *

7R.       Instructs participants in safe work methods established by the organization and the host facility, including the operation of equipment, machine guards, personal protective equipment, chemicals, and environmental hazards. *

8R.       Maintains quality and completion of contracted assignments through systematic inspection of participant’s work.  *

9R.       Works with participants who are unable to complete tasks at the desired rate, to complete work assignments in a timely manner, and to the satisfaction of the host employer’s specifications.

10R.     Reports all accidents concerning self and participants, and/or damage to major pieces of equipment, to the immediate supervisor. Injuries or illnesses requiring you to render medical first aid or emergency medical treatment will require you to complete the proper form and submit it to the immediate supervisor no later than the close of business on the day of occurrence. *

11R.     Makes recommendations to supervisor to improve quality of work.

13R.     Maintains working file on participants, which include notes and observations, productivity, participant goals, growth, capabilities, hours worked, etc., relating such information to the appropriate case manager. *

14R.     Plans assignments to assist participant in meeting their personal goals established in their individual plan, documenting their progress.

15R.     Assures that any company vehicle driven by you to job site, or transporting participants is inspected daily and maintained as per company policy/procedures; completes appropriate form and submits it daily to the immediate supervisor.

16R.     Notifies immediate supervisor in advance of any anticipated absences/vacation to ensure that contract obligations are met.

17R.     Any issues affecting the work site are to be reported to the immediate supervisor.

18R.     Attends required staff meetings via Zoom or in person.


Under the supervision of the Employment Services Manager

QUALIFICATIONS:  Minimum high school diploma or equivalent. Supervisory experience and mechanical skills desirable.  Requires the ability to meet the objectives of the job description, making sound judgment with respect to working with people with disabilities, staff and contract personnel.  Must be professional in attitude, appearance, and work conduct, adhering to all standards of the organization’s policies and procedures and code of ethics. Willing to work at multiple sites as dictated by assigned participants’ employment.   Must be able to work flexible hours and weekends, as needed.  Must be able to work without close supervision.  Non-sedentary position, requiring lifting to 50 pounds. Must have good verbal and written communication skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Applications preferred (specifically Excel) Required to maintain a valid California driver’s license and good driving record.  When transporting participants is an essential of the job, the Job Coach will be required to pass the California Highway Patrol Certification process (background check) and obtain a Class B CDL.

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